Seasons change

It was this week that autumn made a very bold appearance. When your humble abode is chillier upon your evening arrival which is now met under night’s cover and when you slip into bed and the sheets are brisk, it is evident we have fully “fallen back”.

As such, many have traded their summer attire for their strategically stashed fall/winter wardrobe. Enjoy as I share some of my looks for the new season.

Garment highlight: thrift find Jeffery Campbell glam leather cowgirl boots

May your days leading up to Thanksgiving be pleasant and may we reflect on the countless blessings we have been bestowed throughout the year.

Grace and peace to you.

Beautiful out



Praises for the lovely weather that graced our weekend. A lovely day it a natural accelerant…an so is a bright and cheery look of the day.


Ensemble highlight: knitted clearance tank for JCPenny circa 2008, unworn scalloped shorts from honeymoon travels and floral heels from college days gone by. Reviving old pieces make for modern potential.

Other warm weather bargain buys captured below. My $7.50 dress can’t be beat!

Summer break

I surely welcome the taste of warmer weather the bay area has mustered up to greet the summer season. Just as the seasons change so do my hairstyles.

Location spotlight: Monterey Bay Aquarium

Garment highlight: Sale floral Romeo + Juliet Couture skirt



In full rotation

I wanted to add some variety to my workout so I recently purchased a weighted hula hoop. Why not “take it for a spin” while making a quick trip to the Alameda shoreline. Keep rolling…


Long overdue

[Enter 2016] The year was been off to a swift first half. See a few of my top spring fashion moments to date!


After winter must come spring

A compilation of some of my spring best

Season’s top retailer: Marshalls

Garment highlights include: vintage 50s pillbox hat from Alameda antique fair and custom floral dress for engagement shoot by Danielle the Dressmaker

Special moment: my little brother’s high school graduation #classof2015

Live demonstration

It was so deeply impressed upon my heart that it was my appointed time to be baptized. So among a small group of believers and the support of a large audience I made my outward faith demonstration on Sunday, April 19, 2015. Thank you to my family and friends who came to share my special moment.

Those who believed and accepted His message were baptized. Acts 2:41

Life in Impact – Employment workshop, volunteers needed

Courageous Women, a noteworthy organization is holding their annual employment workshop series in Oakland beginning Saturday March 21, 2015 through April 25, 2015. The series is particularly geared for individuals transitioning from rehabilitation or incarceration who are seeking to take steps in changing their lives through empowerment, healing, and restoration. Please spread the word amongst your contacts to reach anyone who can benefit from the series. The workshop is open to both men and women.

If you have time to volunteer a Saturday to help facilitate, serve, or provide childcare please see the flyer attached.